How it works?

Choose from a Basic SoHK Diploma, Advanced UoHK Degree, or Specialty SoHK Degree.

Submit the aforementioned materials and details which will be used for your diploma.

Choose your design from various templates for diplomas with the best look.

If you are interested in a UoHK degree, please prepare as much of the following as possible: Current resume, LinkedIn profile, list of completed courses, copies of certification, detailed story of your professional journey, photographs of your achievements, testimonials, or references.

Basic SoHK Dipomas

Basic SOHK Diplomas are for street-educated professionals, if you get paid that makes you a professional by definition. Regardless of your profession, you should be proud of your journey! Getting your basic SoHK Diploma is a very simple process that can be done directly on our website!

Advanced SoHK Degrees

Advanced SoHK Degrees require that our assessment team evaluate and validate your “journey", the more detail we have and the more story you share with supporting references and documents…the more advanced your “Hard Knocks” degree!  People that have their college degree are encouraged to get a Hard Knocks diploma or Degree only if they have a compelling Hard Knock story.  The key to this process is YOUR story and our ability to validate the story.

You might ask, “Why does my story need validating?”

Because we want our diplomas and degrees to be worthy of your storied journey!  We expect that one of our testaments to Your journey will convey your sense of pride and accomplishment, especially when not just anyone can acquire one just by purchasing.

We have several levels of advanced degrees, the more documented experience you have and we are able to validate the higher your bestowed degree.

Specialty Sohk degrees are for those professionals that have and must maintain Continuing Education and or specialized certifications. This is common in some of the following professions:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Firefighting
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety
  • Etc.